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Catalogue Orders


You can choose whatever is available in our Catalogue and make up your own box (Custom Box).


You can order Baskets only or add on anything you like from the Catalogue.


If you place multiple orders for the same delivery date, we will combine all orders into one (with no extra fee), UNLESS you would like the orders to be kept separate, in which case we ask you to please LET US KNOW (note with the order, or email us).



  • When ordering Baskets, you can choose up to 2 items from a dropdown list that you would like substituted.
  • You can make any substitutions ongoing and choose to pay more if there is a price difference.

We try to limit the difference to be paid for a substitution to a reasonable amount and may contact you if the difference may seem too big.

  • If you choose NOT to pay more for your requested substitutions, please, be aware that we may not be able to fulfill your request and will instead  provide a substitution of equal value that comes closest to what you requested.
  • IMPORTANT: When choosing your substitutions, please, check in our online Produce Section what is CURRENTLY available in fruits and vegetables.



When ordering bulk items or items sold by weight, final prices may differ slightly from Catalogue prices due to weight fluctuations.

We will contact you prior to your delivery date with your new total. Please, wait with your payment until we have contacted you.

Since we are constantly modifying, adjusting or adding to our inventory, Catalogue contents may change rapidly.

We strive to keep our Catalogue up to date as much as possible.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

For most recent information, especially on fresh produce, please contact us.

Please, also take note of our Guarantee.


For Standing Orders, go to your ⇒Account ⇒ Manage Orders ⇒Previous Orders where you can select any previous order under the Automatic Re-Order Column and choose from several options to set up a new schedule - or Standing Order.