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Delivery Arrangements


All our Food Baskets are packed for you with the freshest possible certified organic produce and will be delivered to your door at any location within Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, Stratford, Paris, and Elmira areas for the prices cited. Delivery to other areas is negotiable. Basket content changes weekly and is influenced by seasonal availability of produce. Almut & Wolfgang work hard to find the best value for your dollars.


Delivery Bins and Deposit


First time and irregular orders will receive their Food Baskets delivered in cardboard or wax produce boxes. Standing Orders (ongoing orders on a weekly, bi-monthly or other basis) will receive their deliveries in Plastic Bins for the convenience and protection of the produce. Bin overflow (what won't fit in the bin) will be delivered in additional cardboard boxes. Just leave your empty and cleaned bin - with payments inside (cheques recommended, cash left unattended is solely the responsibility of the customer) - out on your delivery day and we will replace it with a filled one according to your order. If you have completed a profile and included your email address, you should receive a delivery reminder 24 hrs prior to delivery day. Should you desire a Standing Order, you will be asked to pay a $25.00 refundable bin deposit. Should you need to cancel your Food Basket service, let us know and we will pick up your bin and return your deposit.


Storage Suggestions


If you cannot be home at delivery time, below are some suggestions for your Food Basket delivery in extremely cold or hot weather.