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Potato LOOSE - Blue Skin Yellow Flesh (LOCAL) remove
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  • the variety is called "Huckleberry" $2.25/lb
  • 25lb available - $50.00  ($2.00/lb)


Huckleberry Gold: The First Low Glycemic Potato!

This is an exciting new variety, developed at Montana State University. Huckleberry Gold is not only exceptionally high in antioxidants, but this great tasting potato also has a lower glycemic index than other potato varieties. That means anyone watching their carbohydrate intake can literally have their potatoes and eat them too.


Because of their color, blue potatoes add a unique flair to everyday cuisine. In their native land of South America, they are often used in conjunction with herbs and spices to make salads and potato cakes, or they get sliced up, dried and eaten as they are. From a nutritional standpoint, these blue-pigmented heirlooms have multiple bells and whistles.



Certified Organic YES
Origin Ontario
Local - Ontario
Verified non GMO
Raw/Living Food
No Yeast
No Soy
No Egg
No Corn