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Faster than expected, we are back with a "flash" BASKET CONTENTS update.



First of all, we would like to let our Food Box customers know that in this week's Baskets (to see, click here), there was a LAST-MINUTE CHANGE! Potatoes were left out in the Blender, Wild and Local Baskets and replaced with RED PEPPER - except for the Small Blender, which received a head of Red Leaf Lettuce instead.


This change was nade because we were thrilled to still unexpectedly get Red Peppers and wanted to pass on this thrill to our customers.



Secondly, we may be on to something regarding the unruly Basket Contents Page. It appears that the viewing glitches we had addressed in our last Blog may occur only when viewing the page with an older browser, such as an earlier version of Internet Explorer. I am one of the many procrastinators still using Windows XP, which only supports earlier versions of Internet Explorer, NOT the current one of IE 11. If you don't yet know, support for Windows XP has come to an end since April 8, 2014 and one should consider migrating to a modern supported operating system (essentially meaning a new computer). If you are still seeing any strange Basket Contents pages, you are also likely on an older system like XP and using an older browser.


What does this tell us? Obviously, there are times when it might seem like a good idea to go with the flow. Time to update! Time for an upgrade! Time for a new PC!

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