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Making it work!


Thank you to all our customers for all your valuable feedback and suggestions with reagrd to the workings of the new site! As most often with new things, there is usually something that needs to be worked out - as also in our site.


Anyone who has not yet noticed, when placing your first order on our nerw site you will need to create a NEW ACCOUNT! Previous customer profile information from our old site was not migrated. We are starting from scratch. This way, we hope to get everyone's contact and delivery information updated (some of it was quite outdated). Thank you for taking the time to create your new account.


You will have noticed our adjusted fees: All total orders of $50.00 or more are delivered FREE OF CHARGE within our delivery area. all BASKETS, small and large, are also delivered FREE OF CHARGE. A $5.00 fee is only charged for total orders under $50.00, including Baskets plus Add-Ons and Custom Orders. Due to a momentary programming glitch, the $5.00 fee may still be aded to Baskets only. We will automatically waive this fee until the glitch has been cleared up.


It has been brought to our attention that some product images are not loading. The reason for this is that we have not yet uploaded all possible images. This is an ongoing task that will take some time yet. Instead of waiting until all images are up, we decided it's time to go live and make our much better new site available to the public.


Thank you for working with us!


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