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Happy "Dog Days"


... as they say at this very hot time of the year. Gradually, rain would be appreciated again, although the situation is not critical yet.


In this week's BLENDER BASKETS, as a last-minute decision we had to leave out the planned Palatine Cherries due to some quality issues. We replaced them with a Pear, a Gala Apple and two Oranges.



If you are still new with the near-sustainably grown Palatine Fruit, just go the The Good Peach to learn more and order local fruit from the Niagara Region. One of the locations it is delivered to is our Store in St. Agatha where you can pick it up. You can also have it delivered to your house just like a Food Box order.


Orders can generally be placed by Wednesday noon for pick-up at the Store on Friday or by Sunday noon for pick-up at the Store by Wednesday. If you prefer delivery and live in the outlying areas (any location other than Kitchener-Waterloo) which are delivered on Tuesdays, such as Cambridge Brantford, Guelph and Stratford, you may want to place your order for Friday. We can keep it in the cooler for you and then deliver it to you on Tuesday. Wednesday deliveries can order for Tuesday and we can deliver to you on Wednesday, if requested. Just let US KNOW that you ordered fruit at THE GOOD PEACH and would like it delivered. Call 519-725-4282 or email us.



As you may know, there will be NO DELIVERIES coming Civic Holiday week, August 4/5. We will be back for regular deliveries again the week after, August 11/12.


Many of you are still on holidays, but we will be looking forward to welcoming you back in August and the coming weeks. You will be returning to an incredible variety of local organic production from Pfenning's Farm and some fifty more organic growers in the immediate region.


Here's hoping you all enjoy the remainder of this beautiful summer!

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