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Back to School


Happy Labour Day!

Yes, we ARE delivering this week, despite today's holiday - just to appease some of the rumours out there and reassure anyone still double-guessing. We hope you are enjoying this splendid barbecue-style holiday!


It's that time again - back to school, during some of the hottest days yet of this summer.  If all children are like our own, they will be looking forward to going back, more or less and in spite of themselves. The summer was long and hot, but a lot of our young ones spent it working. For many of them, school is the promise of more civil, perhaps less strenuous activities and a return to acquiring more theoretical knowledge which they will be able to test for its practical value when the next school vacation rolls around.



Summer is almost over and Palatine Fruit deliveries from Niagara will soon be too. Our next-to-last Whole Fresh Chicken run is coming to an end by this Friday. So if you missed getting on the Chicken List, you may still be in luck if you would like to give it a try, either by calling us at the Store - 519-725-4282 - or clicking here to order. If you did miss it, despair not. There will be one more Chicken Run coming in November - stay tuned.



We are also welcoming back all of you who were away for the summer and are back with us, either by receiving a Food Box or by visiting us at the Store. It is our great pleasure to continue bringing you all the organic goodness you aspire to, from near and far, just as we have been doing faithfully since 1998. My oh my, how time goes by...


An enjoyable rest of summer to all of you!



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