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Still Ironing Out!


Sunday, and the first week on our new site has elapsed. Some customers knowledgeable about the whims of websites nodded knowingly when we briefly mentioned our startup challenges. "You will run into many more little challenges," was the basic tenet. Let's hope not!


For now, just to give our customers a heads up that we are aware of certain adjustments to be made and are on top of it, here are some site irregularities to watch out for:


We are running into a number of customers who can only choose local pickup as a shipping option, although they would like to have regular delivery. Strangely, the pickup date would be the same as the date the order is placed.

Please, just place your order anyway and we will treat it as an order for the next possible delivery date with regard to the Friday night deadline - or according to what you tell us in your delivery notes.


Some customers could not go back into their accounts to edit their orders before the order deadline, although this should be possible. We hope to have this cleared up soon, but for now, please, just either place a new order or let us know separately (by email or phone) if you wish to make any adjustments to your order.


Also, we are still working on the site correctly working out shipping options and fees. This still does not seem to be working properly. We will automatically apply the correct fees as outlined under "Basket Contents."


Finally, we initially - and still do! - offer the option of creating a Standing Order for Baskets or for any other order you may have placed. This option has somehow gone missing. For now, if you do wish to create a Standing Order, please just mention it in the notes that you can add to any order.


Lots to work on, but we expect most of this to be cleared up during the week to come.


Thank you for understanding and for bearing with us!


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