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Sunrise Apples


We are gradually moving into more produce from farther away. This week's Apples, for example, which you will find in the Blender, Fruit and Smoothie Baskets, are Sunrise from B.C. They are an early variety, very juicy with a sweet flavour, but also very soft flesh. Please, take note that you may find the odd bruise on the Sunrise Apples in your Baskets. For this reason, you are receiving more of them - 5 in the Blender, Fruit, Smoothie and Small Fruit Basket and 10 (or 3 lbs) in the Large Fruit.


Enjoy them just as an eating apple, for example added to your children's lunch box, or make a raw apple sauce out of them in your blender or food processor.


Basket Adjustments


This week, we had to make a few adjustments in some of the Baskets. Since Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes were unexpectedly delayed, we replaced them with Crimini Mushrooms and Pea Shoots. You will see these adjustments in the Local and Wild Baskets as well as the Large Blender. where we replaced only the Cherry Tomatoes with Pea Shoots. Thank you for bearing with us!


Basil Done


Although we are heading for some more beautiful, warm transitional summer/fall weather, we are sad to announce that Basil is done for the season. The somehwat cooler summer saw to it that the Basil season has come to an early end. Alas, twas nice while it lasted...

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