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FLASH UPDATE - Monday, July 29, 5 p.m.: As a result of the vehement weather last night (ardent thunderstorms, 63 mm of rain, 3 hours of power outage), the Green Onions planned for the Blender Baskets could not be harvested. We replaced them with Parsley bunches. Thank you for understanding!



When we drive down the region's roads at this time of the year, we see numerous camping trailers, RVs and cars with canoes and kayaks strapped to their roofs. It IS that time of the year: vacation season, and the last of the big summer holidays - the Civic Holiday at the beginning of August - is just around the corner.


Pfenning's Organic Food Box is again taking a delivery break during the Civic Holiday week. So there will be NO DELIVERIES August 5/6.

We will be back for regular deliveries the following week, August 12/13.


Any orders placed for August 5/6 (sorry, we can not turn off the order feature for delivery breaks) will have the option of being moved down to delivery for the following week, August 12/13, when we are back. We will contact any customer placing an order for the holiday week to clarify this.


To not be left out of the seemingly general holiday frenzy, we have dug out our own camping trailer and will be heading out for some camping near Lake Huron during the holiday week. Interestingly, we will be camping on my sister-in-law's farm, the Hack Farm, north of Kincardine. You will find some of their excellent beef products and their delicious European-style spelt/rye bread in our Catalogue. They have lots of room on their farm and there is always a quaint little corner where we can plant our trailer and give in to the great outdoor experience - and pay the family the occasional visit.


Have a fantastic Civic Holiday!

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