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Welcome back to the height of summer!


We hope you all enjoyed the past fabulous Canada Day week. Welcome back to all our customers.


Just a quick Food Box UPDATE: Instead of Asparagus, we had to give some of the Small Blender Baskets Broccoli instead, as we were actually unexpectedly short. Yes, the Asparagus season is drawing to a close. The Strawberry season, however, is lasting unexpectedly long. We still hope we will have Strawberries available for another week or two.


Anyone planning on some last-minute canning, the Strawberry price has plummeted. One pint of Strawberries is now $3.25 and the quart is $4.75.


Thanks to last night's very ample rainfall, the fields continue to be bountifully lush. None of the field crops could care less that the impressive nightly thunderstorm produced a lightning strike that knocked out power to hundreds of houses in the area - ours included.


Power is restored, Strawberries are delicious, well-priced and enduring, and the Food Box van is still up and running to bring you all the organic goodness you can imagine.


Looking forward to seeing you on delivery!

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