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Cold Down South Too!


You may have heard in the news that down in California, where a big part of our winter greens come from at this time of the year, they have recently been dealing with the challenge of an unseosonable cold spell (unseasonable for them, that is). For the early part of the Californian winter growing season the weather was unseasonably warm. In December and early this year, however, the region has experienced a significant cold spell that is now having an impact on supplies and quality. The lows have been at or below freezing, with the highs not rising much above 14 degrees. Normal temperatures at this time range in the 20s. This weather has interrupted the growth cycle and caused some burn damage. As a result, we are looking at a significant reduction in the availability of tender leaf items with the inevitable higher prices for the next few weeks.


After this deplorable news, we will have to deal with our own cold spell for the beginning of this week, but can look forward to a warming tendency as the month goes on. For now, we thank all our customers for putting up with less green volume in your Baskets and helping us get through this wintry challenge. This is truly the high time for root veggies and local greenhouse greens. Hot soup anyone?



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