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Pureed Ginger - What to do?


This week - January 20/21 - the Blender and Wild Baskets will be including little jars of Pureed Ginger, a specialty that seemed to offer itself at this time of the year, Ginger being known as one of the hotter kitchen spices.


Before you find yourself hopelessly lost, pondering over what to do with this unusual item, we would like to offer - not a recipe - but a short, helpful tip on what to do with your little Basket treasure. According to a short but interesting suggestion found in the depths of the Internet, Pureed Ginger is good in oatmeal raisin cookies, soups, jams, salads, stews...  in just about anything. Generally, you can use it wherever a recipe calls for Ginger. That's it in a nutshell.


Remember, Ginger is a hot spice, so use in moderation... and enjoy!

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