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Introducing: The BITZI Box!


Agreed, we are not champions of the Blog. However, to resurrect our tarnished Blog reputation, we must maintain that our regularly sent out Newsletters - Veggies on Wheels, our monthly Home Delivery Newsletter, and Almut's weekly Store News and Specials update - have attained more importance than a simple Blog. We do also seem to get more response and feedback through these Newsletters, which you can always subscribe to here if you haven't yet.


There is, however, the introduction of a NEW Food Basket which we would like to make you aware of.


Introducing: The BITZI Box!


We are introducing this Box as an answer to all of our customers who may at times be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of produce coming to you in our regular small and large-sized Baskets. The BITZI Box has only about 6-8 items and - as all Boxes - is planned new by Almut every week. It can include LOCAL AND IMPORT produce, mostly veggies and some fruit, and costs ONLY $20.00 - just enough for a single or small household.


So don't be overwhelmed, go ahead and try the BITZI Box!

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