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Field Work Done!


Just yesterday I spoke to Desmond, our ever hard-working head of the field crew. Desmond, being from Jamaica, was acutely feeling the seasonal drop in temperatures as we continue our relentless descent into winter. So I could imagine his secret relief when he told me that his crew's field work - harvesting, bunching and packaging all varieties of greens - was done for the season.


Then my mother-in-law, Barnhild Pfenning, enlightened me today by letting me know that her son Wolfgang (my brother-in-law) had finally completed the carrot harvest. Carrot harvesting and packaging had been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks.


There still are tons of carrots in storage and washing and packing is continuing almost daily. There are still plenty of other great local veggies available, as you can see from the contents of this week's Local Basket. Even next week's Local Basket is well worth looking forward to. Almut, who plans all the Basket Contents, will make sure that any and all Baskets will always be worth looking forward to.


We are all looking forward to a plentiful and appealing cold season of Food Baskets!

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