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Farewell Local Fruit


On this beautiful begiining of autumn, we also have to mention that the prosperous time of local (Palatine Niagara) fruit is drawing to an end. This week's Baskets are still  featuring Pears, Peaches, Plums and some even Nectarines - all from Palatine Fruits in Niagara. We are sad to see the last fruit run this week. You will enjoy their fruit in our Baskets yet coming week, but then we will need to go back to fruit from more remote regions, such as B.C., California, Mexico and South America. it was very nice while it lasted, and we will be looking forward to next year's offerings.


In the meantime, it appears that this is Organic Week. This kind of passed us by, since we have about 52 organic weeks every year. One more or less does not make all that much difference to us.


For all of us who are thankful for any celebration, we wish you a Happy Organic Week!

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