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Under Steam!


Alright, time for an upbeat update! We have been working on the matters on our mind as outlined in my last blog on Sunday. Time for an UPDATE!


The local pickup shipping option that kep coming up for some customers (who did not want it) is a result of incorrect address entry. It appears that our address data base is very finicky. Anyone first entering personal information in the address section of your account profile must fill out every appropriate field and put the required information where it is set up to go. So for an urban address, you need to put the street number in the number field, the street name in the name field, the street designation (road, street, crescent, etc.) can be chosen form a dropdown list in the type field as can the direction (east, west, north, etc.).


We will be adding a feature that requires new customers to fill out the fields correcty, otherwise, they will not be able to complete their profile. Not too much help for our existing customers who have had to battle with the fields, but you can always go in and correct your profile information in this respect.


Once the address is correctly entered, the correct delivery date will also come up.


As for editing orders prior to the order deadline, you just have to go into your account and click on "previous orders." Any order placed, even if it has not yet been delivered, is considered a previous order. You can load this into your shopping cart and edit it in any way you like BEFORE THE DEADLINE!


Shipping options and fees have now been worked out!

FREE SHIPPING for all Basket Orders including Add-Ons.

$5.00 Shipping Fee for Custom Orders under $50.00 - FREE SHIPPING when the Custom Order Minimum of $50.00 is reached.


Finally, to place a Standing Order, just go into your Account, then Manage Orders, Previous Orders where you can select any previous order under 'Automatic Re-Order' and choose your options from a dropdown list. Check out this site link for the procedure.


We're getting there! I guess you could say we are under steam. In the meantime, we wish all our customers and visitors an enjoyable long weekend, a Happy Victoria Day and a cheerful, organic shopping experience at Pfenning's Organic!

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