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BANANA BREAK (for Small Blender)


After an extended spring silence, things are picking up - and give opportunity for a quick update.


Banana Break for Small Blender

All Small Blender Basket recipients, please, take note that this week - June 9/10 - there will be NO BANANAS. Instead, you wiill find a deliciously juicy and tasty Anjou Pear. A recent Banana delivery lag has imposed this measuer on us. Thank you for playing along!


Pfenning's Farm NEW SITE

In other news, you may want to have a look at the Pfenning's Farm's new site, especially their Blog, where you may see interesting updates and pictures from the Farm. After all that rain and the near-tropical growing conditions, things are really taking off.


Chicken List

Finally, if you have not yet gotten your name on the Chicken List for our soon to come Farm-Fresh Pasture-Raised Whole Roasters, you may want to do so by visiting our Fresh Chicken order Page. Just another 3-4 weeks and they will be ready for pick-up at the Store... or delivery if you get in touch with us to set it up.


A terrific month of June to all!

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